Quality policy

Madar Rolling Shutter is committed to manage all productive and administrative activities that are under its

responsibility effectively and efficiently to provide services and products in high quality and safely. The

company chose quality as an approach to achive its goals and improve its services in order meet and

exceed customer’s expectations and improve its performance toward uniqueness and creativity. This

will be achieved through.

1. Quality assurance: through seeking to apply a total quality management system to meet

customer requirements and international standards requirements.

2. Identifying customer needs and expectation and committing to meet them through products

and services development.

3. Providing the best working environment, training staff to support their knowledge of quality

standards, improving their abilities, skills and motivating them. This will lead to the company’s


4. Adopting a continuous improving method, making change, and using preventive approach in

order to improve the quality of services and performance.

5. Creating a mutual trust environment between the company and customers on the one hand,

and between the company and suppliers on the other hand, in order to ensure mutual benefit

and satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Madar Rolling Shutter management emphasizes its full commitment to direct employees to fulfill their

responsibilities, reach their goals, ensuring documentation of work, and achieve continuous

development and improvement.

Madar Rolling Shutter management will do the best to make this policy understood, implemented, and